The cure for lesbian depression is here!

The History

For countless generations there has been an issue within our society that has gone unsolved for too long. It is an issue that has affected thousands of women but society has swept it under the rug until now. That issue is lesbian depression.

The Solution

For years scientists have been researching this issue to come up with a lasting solution and it has not been an easy process. Millions of tax dollars and grants have been utilized and now a solution has finally been found. That solution is trycocksagain. After discovering tryckocksagain scientists tested it on dozens of willing lesbians and found that up to 70% of those women experienced decreased depression. After these studies were concluded trycocksagain has finally reached the market and is available now.

The Benefits

Trycocksagain can help reduce lesbian depression but its effects are limited and to continue experiencing its benefits one must use it as a continual supplement.

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